Melissa Towns

She is our admin superstar and keeps us all in line. She is the first to open a door for patients, hold a baby, call you a taxi or help out when a podiatrist calls out “MEL!!!”

Every good podiatry clinic needs a highly capable person to keep everything running smoothly for both practitioners and patients. At Momentum Podiatry we are very lucky to have Mel heading up our support team.

Mel is often the first person you will speak with to make your appointment or answer your questions, she will make sure we run on time and organise your accounts. With a busy team and patients of all ages, we need the skills of Mel to keep our paperwork, phone calls, emails and all the admin under control.

Before we enticed her to the land of feet, Mel worked in dentistry for many years, so she knows her way around the healthcare systems that we all need to navigate for medical appointments.

If you’re arriving early, Mel might still be getting through her morning coffee – her preferred bevvie to kick off the day! As a mum to twins, Mel understands how busy and frantic your morning can be.

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