Jess Liddell

Jess has always wanted to be a podiatrist, ever since she could say the word and her family have no idea where she learnt it. Jess grew up enjoying gymnastics, diving, dancing, tennis and volleyball but her main competitive sport was trampolining. She has had her fair share of injuries and can sympathise with anyone hobbling in the door. 

Jess enjoys all aspects of podiatry and helping improve everyone’s lifestyle.  Some of her favourite things to treat are warts, ingrown toenails, complex gait patterns, seeing kids for all concerns and improving pain of the older population. 

Jess graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Podiatric Practice. During this time she went on exchange at the Glasgow Calideon University in Scotland.  She applied for this exchange just to see the highland cows! Since graduating she has worked in Aged Care and Private Practice seeing a wide range of clients from 2 weeks old to 99 years old. 

Jess has always been in the bayside bubble and prides herself on ticking off one cafe at a time. Please be sure to give her your favourites so she can add it to her ever growing list! 

When Jess isn’t at the clinic she will be with her little rescue puppy Joey (Joseph when he’s in trouble), catching up with friends and planning the next adventure or challenge to tackle. 

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