Cylie Williams

Meet Cylie (yep, that’s just like Kylie, but a little extra spesh!)

Cylie is one of our paediatric podiatrists at Momentum Podiatry. She loves working with all the little people who come in to visit us. Cylie helps them work on their gait and makes sure each child can grow and develop as best they can, no matter what obstacles life might have thrown their way. Cylie is also highly interested in toe walking – the why, how and what of idiopathic toe walking became the topic of Cylie’s Ph.D. and now she’s jumped into another big research project!

Before Momentum Podiatry, Cylie was working in a range of health service areas, including community health and management roles, but private practice and university research is her preferred place to be working.

At Momentum Podiatry, Cylie has a great time playing games and moving about with the kids who need an assessment, she’ll make sure your child not only enjoys their podiatry visit but also looks forward to a return appointment, our balance beam and mini tramp are big faves (for the kids, not Cylie).

  • PhD, M.Health Sci (Health Education and Promotion) Endorsed Prescriber
  • Experienced in treating and assessing children in both public and private health settings
  • One of the first podiatrists in Australia to receive her Paediatric Podiatry Credential from the Australian Podiatry Association
  • Current Chair of the Podiatry Board of Australia

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