Alicia James

Alicia James was drawn to the profession of podiatry when she saw how, with the use of clinical podiatry care, you could assist people reduce and manage pain, improve their daily movement, and keep them playing and competing at their favourite sport. Whatever level of health and fitness a patient has, strong, pain-free feet will improve their quality of life.

Alicia has a strong interest in ensuring children of all ages, stages and abilities really can take their best steps, she is one of the few podiatrists in Victoria to have completed additional training to become a Certified Paediatric Podiatrist – ApodA.

Before Momentum Podiatry, when she wasn’t honing her skills as a Cleudo board game warrior, Alicia was involved with the Adidas Australia team, helping with their customised footwear products. She now enjoys working in the clinic and the buzz of the local community, with the boutique shops, fresh local coffee and family run (and family-friendly) restaurants.

While she’s an early bird herself and often first at the clinic for early morning appointments, Alicia would like to encourage her own children to sleep in later than 6am!

  • PhD, M.Health Sci (Podiatry)
  • Enjoys working with older kids to keep them as active as possible
  • One of seven podiatrists in Australia to have received her Paediatric Credentials by the Australian Podiatry Association
  • Endorsed Prescriber

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