Running & Walking Assessment

At Momentum Podiatry we offer biomechanical assessments which assess the structure, alignment and function of the lower limb.


A biomechanical assessment provides us with the opportunity to identify problems through assessing your gait, strength and footwear. Whether you are looking to get back to work, running after the kids or participating in your next endurance race our aim is to manage your injury, prevent future injuries and enhance athletic performance. This may be done through taping techniques, manual therapies, change to footwear and a structured rehabilitation program. 

We specialize in treating runners, triathletes, cyclists and athletes of all abilities. We want you to keep your momentum!

A running and walking assessment may be useful for:

  • Assessing your gait and providing recommendations to improve efficiency
  • Rehab for common injuries such as Achilles tendinopathy, plantar heel pain, peroneal tendinopathy, shin splints, tibialis posterior dysfunction and more

What to bring to your assessment:

  • Your everyday and walking/running shoes

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