Orthoses Therapy

At Momentum Podiatry our goal when issuing an orthotic device is to keep you moving in comfort as efficiently as possible.


Orthotics may benefit you by helping change the alignment of the foot and ankle, improving posture and foot function and optimising walking, running and sports performance. They may be used in your treatment plan to alleviate your pain by reducing tissue and joint stress of the foot.

Orthoses therapy is used in conjunction with a range of other treatment options such as strength and conditioning, shockwave, dry needling and footwear recommendations. 

Depending on your injury, lifestyle, footwear and activity levels help determine what type of orthotic you need. We use 3D scanning technology to produce custom orthotics through Footwork Orthotic Lab, ensuring you get the perfect fit and comfort.

We have a fully equipped onsite orthotic laboratory that ensures tailored and customised solutions for our clients.

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