Orthoses (Orthodontics) Therapy

At Momentum Podiatry, our aim when issuing an orthotic device is to keep you moving as comfortably and efficiently as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Orthotics can help with lots of different foot problems, like:

  • Pain in your heels or arches
  • Flat feet or high arches causing discomfort
  • Bunions or forefoot issues
  • Injuries from sports or activities
  • Issues arising from walking or running

Sometimes, it’s not just about the pain, but also about how you walk or run. To figure out if orthotics are the right solution for you, it’s essential to understand the root cause of your discomfort or walking concerns. Our team of skilled podiatrists specialises in evaluating your condition and determining the best course of action.

One common concern we often hear is, “I’ve tried orthotics before, but they were too uncomfortable to wear.” At Momentum Podiatry, we understand the importance of ensuring that your orthotic experience is as comfortable as possible.

Orthotics crafted with precision through 3D scanning should feel comfortable and easy to wear from the start. While it’s normal to need a bit of time to adjust to something new, if you find that your orthotics are causing discomfort or any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Our approach is simple: if you can’t wear your orthotics comfortably, they’re not doing their job effectively. That’s why we prioritise creating orthotics that are both comfortable and effective for our patients.

In most cases, yes, you can wear the shoes you prefer. Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now create slimmer and more user-friendly orthotics that fit a wide variety of shoe types. However, there may be some exceptions.

While many shoes are compatible with orthotics, extremely high heels may not be the best option. It’s essential to wear high heels in moderation, as they may not provide the support needed for orthotics.

Orthotics fit more comfortably into shoes that are designed to accommodate them. Fortunately, there are many brands now offering orthotic-friendly shoes, and our podiatrists can guide you to suitable stores in Melbourne.

Sometimes, getting new shoes is necessary when orthotics are prescribed. This is because your old shoes may have worn out or become misshapen over time. Our team can advise you on selecting the right shoes to ensure optimal comfort and support for your orthotic needs.

Orthotics have the potential to provide many benefits. From changing the alignment of the foot and ankle to improving posture and foot function and optimising walking, running and sports performance, there are numerous podiatric issues that orthoses therapy can help with.

At Momentum Podiatry, we use orthotics in conjunction with a range of other treatment options such as strength and conditioning, shockwave, dry needling and footwear recommendations. Orthotics may be used in your treatment plan to alleviate your pain by reducing tissue and joint stress of the foot.

What type of orthotics do I need?

Your particular injury, lifestyle, footwear and activity levels help determine what type of orthotic you need. We use 3D scanning technology to produce custom orthotics through Footwork Orthotic Lab, ensuring you get the perfect fit and comfort.

We have a fully equipped onsite orthotic laboratory that ensures tailored and customised solutions for our clients.

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