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A Podiatrist checking a NDIS client's feet

At Momentum Podiatry all our services are able to be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We love NDIS Podiatry Services

Registered NDIS Provider – Podiatry

NDIS podiatry therapy is provided at Momentum Podiatry in Parkdale.
We are able to provide therapy for self managed and plan managed participants.
We will work with you to achieve your short and long term goals within your NDIS support plan. Foot health can be related to many systemic factors and it is important to have your feet checked and managed.
We are able to provide services under the following categories:
  • CB Daily Living
  • Improved Daily Living Skills
  • Assistive Technologies
As an NDIS Podiatrist our services will be tailored to your needs and personal goals to enhance your quality of life. This may be from general foot care to a biomechanical assessment where we will look at the alignment and strength of the foot, ankle, knee and hip. We will then assess footwear, offloading techniques if necessary and create a long term plan to suit your lifestyle.
An appointment may include:
  • Footwear advice and procurement
  • General foot care and foot health hygiene
  • Walking and or gait differences
  • Orthotic Therapy
  • Assess and provide therapy for lower limb pain
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