Custom Cycling Orthotics & Bike Assessment

At Momentum Podiatry Group we understand the importance of injury prevention and seeking optimal set-up for performance.

Custom cycling orthotics and bike fit at Parkdale

We work with Footwork Podiatric Lab to bring recreational to elite cyclists the best custom foot orthotic solution.

We address:

  • Performancegiving you the edge when every ounce of performance counts for seasoned and professional cycling/triathletes
  • Custom designevery angle is specifically considered. From the shape of the foot, to the often restrictive space of a hard-shelled cycling shoe
  • Custom fitthe orthotic contours the foot and shoe to maximise power transfer
  • Materialskeeping with cycling technology, Footworks uses 3D nylon and moisture resistant covers
  • Prescribing and manufacturingyour cycling orthotics are only ever prescribed and manufactured by podiatrists.

Footworks has worked with professional cyclists from State of Matter MAAP racing to ensure performance is maximised. In doing this the orthotics are:

  • Ultra-thin and lightweight – starting from 2mm the ultra-thin carbon orthotic provides the ultimate balance of weight and stiffness between your foot and the pedal.
  • Maximize power – transfer to the crank so nothing is wasted
  • Optimal function – individually corrected and contoured orthotics to stiffen the foot to optimise function and performance
  • Maximum comfort – professionally prescribed and fitted to avoid pins and needles and unwanted pressures

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