Partnerships and Collaborations

At Momentum Podiatry we believe in working as a team by providing holistic care to improve total health outcomes for our clients.

We continue to work with all local health professionals and small businesses and here is a small insight into some of our partnerships.

Vicky Gomez – Dietician


A personalised approach to nutrition means you don’t have to take Sunday brunch off the menu!

We all lead unique lives, with unique needs and conditions, which means health should be tailored to fit our lifestyle.

Not the other way around.

Vicky is a strong believer of ‘food is medicine’. As a qualified Nutritionist and Dietetic practitioner with 25 years experience, Vicky’s clients face health challenges ranging from diabetes, irritable bowel/ gastrointestinal issues, weight/body and inflammatory/ immune issues that can become difficult to manage with food. We tend to feel compromised by the concept of a healthy life and making healthy choices.

Vicky consults and custom creates a meal program that’s unique to each person, inclusive of, first and foremost education, recipe, and menu development with consideration for locality, lifestyle, and health concerns. Client meal plans are made-to-fit the individual’s unique lifestyle, circumstances, and objectives. Focussing on understanding what the client’s week looks like to better implement a system designed for longevity and sustainability.

With a mindset of practicality, Vicky’s tailored solutions revolve around sustainable tools matched with meal plans that enriches lives rather than restricts. Feeling restrictive is never fun and tends to lead to abandoning our goals. Vicky fits nutrition into your lifestyle and objectives in a realistic way that won’t feel like a chore, but rather liberating and empowering.

The secret to Vicky’s results driven approach has successfully seen her clients uplifted with a renewed zest for healthy living, knowing that their desired outcome is completely achievable.

Nutrition is a powerful tool that not only affects our physical selves, but also heavily influences our mental and emotional state and with clear guidance clients see life changing improvements.

Vicky Gomez Dietician at Healthy Empire

Joint Practice in Parkdale - Physiotherapy

James is the face behind Joint Practice.

Completing his Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne in 2014, with an undergraduate degree in Musculoskeletal Therapy. James has since worked in private practice and more recently at a not-for-profit working alongside clients with neurological conditions.

This broad range of experience has seen James treat elite athletes, worked within sporting clubs, provided rehab for post-operative patients and those who wish to get the best out of their bodies to live life to the fullest.

He is a bayside local and can regularly be spotted out on Beach Rd running or riding along our little stretch of paradise.

Joint Practice’s aim is to work collaboratively with you in achieving your goals by providing a joint approach to treatment, injury management, rehabilitation, and more. They provide thorough holistic assessments to ensure we identify the root cause of your pain. With the aim to promote optimal movement, manage pain or enhance performance.

James Brook physio at Joint Practice Parkdale


Ground Floor, 77 Parkers Road

Parkdale VIC 3195

P: 0402 248 770



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