An orthotic can be a game-changer to help manage foot, knee and hip related injury or concerns. An orthotic is a device issued by a Podiatrist to support and change the alignment of the feet. This can help provide relief from discomfort and aid in improving mobility.

What is an orthotic?

An orthotic, also known as orthoses, can be custom-made or an over the counter device to support and improve the overall functions of your walking and running. They are placed inside shoes and may aid in alleviating foot pain and distributing pressure more evenly across the foot and ankle. In addition this will allow time for the tissue or injuries to heal.

What are the benefits of orthotics?

  • Providing pain relief.  Orthotics can help relieve foot pain by redistributing pressure. This may help conditions such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuroma, bursitis, bunions, osteoarthritis and Achilles tendonitis. Simultaneously they may provide cushioning and support to alleviate pressure on the painful area.
  • Improved Foot Function – n some cases it is needed to change the alignment of someone’s foot to enhance stability and promote more appropriate foot mechanics. 
  • Enhancing sports performance – Athletes and active individuals may benefit from orthotics as they offer increased shock absorption, stability and alignment during physical activities. For example custom cycling orthotics can increase power output via altering the foot/ankle position relative to the knee and hip. 
  • They may help the prevention of some foot related issues if someone is prone to injury because of previous injury and their foot mechanics. 
  • Reduce joint pain. Changing the alignment of someone’s foot can have a positive impact on other joints in the body such as knees, hips and lower back. This can be due to reducing unnecessary strain on these areas.

Types of Orthotics

Custom-Made Orthotics: 

These orthotics are tailor-made to suit an individual’s unique foot shape and biomechanics as all feet function differently. They are usually prescribed by a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist after a thorough evaluation. Custom orthotics offer the most accurate level of support and comfort for your foot type. This can help when both feet function differently or a prefabricated device isn’t appropriate.

To ensure an accurate fit, feel and function of your orthotics we take a 3D scan and then select the type of materials needed based on:

  • The amount of force required to achieve an efficient foot position during your chosen activities
  • Severity of pain and location
  • The footwear you will using them in
  • Age, height and weight

We use one of Melbourne’s premier orthotic laboratories Footwork,  conveniently located near Parkdale, to ensure the highest quality for our clients. 

Semi-Custom Orthotics

Semi-custom orthotics are made from a tracing of your foot so our orthotics lab can match get a specific width and length. Then the Podiatrist will choose the closest fit to your foot. These orthotics can then be modified further to increase to get the best possible result for your feet.

Prefabricated Orthotics

Prefabricated orthotics are a generic size, shape and level of correction that we can fit on the spot at an appointment. This can be great for a short to medium term option depending on your pain and symptoms. We have them ready to go at the clinic if needed for our clients. 

Cycling orthotics

Custom made cycling orthotics are designed to maximise power transfer during your pedal stroke whilst improving your lower limb alignment. They are designed to be ultra-thin and lightweight, moisture resistant covers, custom fit and design. 

They can reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries, whilst maximising power output, speed and performance. 

Our manufacturer Footwork work with professional cyclists and triathletes meaning they are at the forefront of optimal performance and giving everyone those extra 1%ers.

Our Podiatrists have a background in triathlon and cycling, not only do they prescribe them but they also use them everyday in their own training.

A set of custom cycling orthotics issued by a Podiatrist

Momentum Podiatry Podiatrists can use orthotics as part of your overall management plan to decrease pain and help you keep moving so you can live your best life.

If you have had persistent pain or discomfort, book an appointment with one of our friendly Podiatrists who will assess your foot mechanics, footwear and injury to recommend the appropriate management plan. If required they will determine whether an orthotic or which type of orthotic is needed.

Depending on your private health insurance all orthotics can be claimed at your appointment.

If you have any questions- we are here to help!

If you have any questions- we are here to help! You can book online or call 9587 2855

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