Challenge yourself with The Runners Hub

Challenge yourself!

We are super excited to have The Runners Hub starting their 6am Thursday session from Momentum Podiatry Group in Parkdale.

The Runners Hub meets several days a week around the Bayside area of Melbourne. Each session is led by a qualified run coach and is suitable for most levels from beginner to elite. These weekly ‘quality’ sessions are designed to improve your running power, speed and mental resilience. They are challenging but they get you results.

The group is suitable for all abilities and what better way to get your day started than waking up to socialize whilst running. You never regret setting that alarm!

If you would like more information you can chat to us at the clinic or you can speak to Paul and Mel at


When: Every Thursday 6am

Where: Momentum Podiatry Group, 342 – 344 Como Parade West, Parkdale 

Come and join the Parkdale Running Community, I will see you there!

What is the Runners Hub and their coaching philosophies?

The Runners Hub was created to expand the offer of running to include strength training, allied health services, and active recoveries such as massage and float.

They love running and are passionate about community, sharing successes and challenges, and learning from each other. And of course, having plenty of laughs and fun along the journey.

Their coaching philosophies include:

Personalised plan

They work with the athlete, aiming to gain an understanding of not only their running goals and history but their broader life and other commitments. Structuring a training program can only be successful if the athlete is able to commit to it. Every runner has different schedules and it’s up to the coach and the athlete to work together to be able to craft a plan that they will be able to commit to and create a healthy balance.

Holistic approach

They aim to look at all components of running and performance such as rest, recovery, stress, work/life balance, nutrition, cross-training, hydration, and training load to identify the small, subtle changes that can be applied to help achieve your goal.

Run to feel

They encourage runners to trust themselves to ‘run to feel’ – you can’t always hit a pace that is in your plan – you may have had poor sleep, coming down with illness, or for females, your monthly cycles can impact your running sessions. And this is OK. Running to your watch data and ignoring how you feel can lead to injury and a sense that you are not hitting your goals. Rather, look at the broader training cycle you are in and review progress more holistically.

Challenge yourself

They like to encourage runners to push themselves, whether that is a distance, a PB or an event that scares them a bit – doing this helps strengthen our minds and resilience. In addition, reviewing the results of a goal event where you may not have reached your goal is important in identifying the things you have learned and can take into the next event preparation.

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