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A podiatrist issuing a cam boot for a foot fracture
Children’s Feet

Managing Foot Fractures

Foot fractures can be a source of significant pain and inconvenience, affecting your ability to walk and perform daily activities.

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A Podiatrist treating bunion pain
Children’s Feet

What is a bunion?

Bunions are a common foot condition and are also known as hallux valgus. It forms when the big toe starts to lean towards the other toes, causing the metatarsal bone to shift outward. Over time, this misalignment creates a prominent bump on the inner edge of the foot.

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A Podiatrist altering a custom orthotic
Custom Cycling Orthotics & Bike Assessment

Understanding the Benefits and Types of Orthotics

Orthotics can be a game-changer to help manage foot, knee and hip related injury or concerns. An orthotic is a device issued by a Podiatrist to support and change the alignment of the feet. This can help provide relief from discomfort and aid in improving mobility.

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A runner being assessed by Podiatrist at Momentum Podiatry
Orthoses Therapy

Shin splints

Shin splints, commonly known as ‘medial stress syndrome’ defines pain anywhere along the shin bone from the knee to the ankle.

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